Message from ISOL Chairman

Chairman’s Message

A walk into history!

Integrating Spirituality & Organisational Leadership Foundation (ISOL) is planning to relive the great historical event of World Parliament of Religions, 1893 by holding an International Conference at the same place and venue at Chicago, U.S.A during September 10-15, 2015, exactly after 122 years. A modest attempt but a bold step to re-focus on the theme of Swami Vivekanand’s great address to the World Congress of Religion. Our young organisation had decided way back in 2007 to commemorate this event by organising such an International Conference in 2015 where it plans to invite World leaders of great eminence for sharing their thoughts. It is our sincere hope that this important event will go a long way to bring back to centre stage the relevance of Spirituality to organisations.

join us for strating a great movement!

- Dr. J.L. Raina,
Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Foundation (ISOL),
New Delhi

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