About Conference Tracks

Track 1 Spiritually Oriented Leadership Practices in Big and Grass Root Organizations Presentations must focus on adoption of leadership styles being governed by one’s own inner self.  The submissions in this Track is visualized to focus on purpose driven leadership; role of gratitude and humility for breakthrough results, promoting compassion, love and truth for achieving organizational excellence and harmony at workplace.
Track 2 Spiritual Values in Business and Governance Track 2 focuses on integration of spiritual values, i.e., justice, prudence and objectivity in good governance and managerial decision making.
Track 3 Virtue Based Organizational Processes Character, nobility and fairness, integrity and its relationship to organizational performance and leadership success will constitute Track 3.
Track 4 Culture, Civilizations & Trade Track 4 invites submissions on role of national culture in economic growth; development of trade in different civilizations and its building blocks; ancient roots of corporate entities etc.
Track 5 Monasticism and Organizational Leadership  Management insights from different monastic orders across various faith traditions constitute Track 5.
Track 6 Spirituality for Social Innovations & Social Change Track 6 focuses on social entrepreneurship and value based social engagement as a function of business social partnership.
Track 7 Spiritual Dimension of Sustainable Development & Eco System Management Track – 7 is on Corporate Social Responsibility and creating spiritually synergistic organizational culture to Flourish and Prosper through integrating the values of social action and inward contemplation into organizational strategies and practices for sustainable development and ecosystem management.
Track 8 Women’s Leadership and Global Economic Development Track – 8 is aimed at women empowerment for sustainable economic development in formal and informal sectors. The focus is on women leadership and its contribution to global economic development.
Track 9 Unity and Social Harmony for Global Economic Development Peaceful political environment for sustainable economic growth is the focus of Track -9. The discussions are invited on peace and sustainable development; peace for market based economies; peace and good governance; economics and peace etc. to accelerate ethical practices in organizations.
Track 10 Transitions in Spirituality and the Future of Humanity Track – 10 focuses on Global Peace for the Survival of Humanity in 21st Century.