Plenary Session 5: Spirituality for Social Progress and Economic Development

Chair: Vijay Jakka, President, Sankhya Solutions & Services Corporation

  1. Effects of Corporate Frauds, Including Corruption and Tax Evasion, On Economic Activity in Developing Nations – A View from the Trenches – Doug K. S. Kalesnikoff, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
  2. Impact of the New Philosophical Holism on Economics: Household Management on a Global Scale – Glen Martin, Professor, Philosophy and Peace Studies, Radford University, USA.
  3. Sustainability and Flourishing: What’s Love Got to Do with It? – Joanna Beth Tweedy, Benedictine University, USA
  4. Teachings of Paramhansa and Vivekananda to solve first and third world countries – KK Dixit, Former Deputy Commissioner, India
  5. Heartfulness for Leadership to reset the inner divine – Raga Ragavendran, Instructor, Sahaj Marg Meditation, Heartfulness Institute, Chicago
  6. Sage-Scientist’s Wisdom for Economic Development –  Dr. Shanmugamurthy Laksmanan, Research Scientist, Harvard Medical College

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